Bays Mountain Dam Crew

About Us

This site is managed by volunteers who have a passion for Bays Mountain Park and its history.

Our mission is to share the history of the Park and the families that lived on Bays Mountain in the early 1900s.



This site would like to thank the following people for contributing photos and documents featured on this site:

  • The families who lived on and around Bays Mountain
  • Karon Simpson who researched and organized numerous materials presented on this site
  • Past and present staff members working at Bays Mountain Park
  • “The Early Years on Bays Mountain” (1975) – by Muriel C. Spoden
  • “Historic Sites of Sullivan County” (1976) – compiled by Muriel C. Spoden
  • “Bays Mountain – One of the Lords Great Creations” (1978) – by Odell Harbour Depew

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