Feagins Family

Feagins Family
Feagins Homeplace

While Feagins Gap is named after this family, they left their mark in more ways than one.

Cort, Alden, and Bobby  Feagins all worked on the construction of the Dam.

At least 4 members of the family served as the reservoir caretaker at different points in time: Sim, Earl, Alden, and Buck.

But the Feagins family also suffered tragedy on the mountain. After working on the Dam as a young 13-14 yr old, Bobby Feagins died 2 years later in 1918 of the Spanish flu. He was only 16.

Then in the 1950s, Bobby’s first cousins Earl and Alden (brothers) died within 8 years of each other. Earl was lost in a fire that overtook the caretaker’s cabin in 1951, and Alden drowned in the lake in 1959.

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