Bays Mountain Dam

Originally built to provide water to the City of Kingsport, the Bays Mountain Dam is still as impressive as ever

The Dam

Planning for the dam began in 1907 as Kingsport Waterworks started buying land for the reservoir. Construction on the dam began in 1915. Much of the labor came from Bays Mountain residents who often quarried nearby rock to form the mighty base. After completion in 1916, the reservoir filled and water began to flow down the network of pipes to the city water system below.

A Filter Plant was added soon after to clean the water before it came down the mountain. It was maintained by the Filter Plant Operators.

Bays Mountain Reservoir served as the Kingsport water supply until 1944 as the city had outgrown the capacity of the lake. Since then the city has pulled their water from the South Holston River, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of this 44-acre lake for years to come.