Revenooers On Their Way

Kingsport Times-News – January 5, 1968

Revenooers were on their way to Kingsport this morning to blow up a still found on Bays Mountain by Times-News STAFF WRITER Margie Clark earlier this week.

ABC AGENT Curtis Combs of Johnson City said he wasn’t aware of the still’s existence until today, and that he would ask T-N PHOTOGRAPHER Charles Dean, who shot pictures of the still Tuesday, to lead his men to the scene.

Sullivan Gardens Constable J.R. Bailey said he doubts if the moonshiners will return to claim the still because it’s been under surveillance since the discovery.

Bailey said he had been hunting for another still in the same general area; he believes it’s still operating and that the destruction of the first still probably won’t affect operation of the second.

Warm weather brings out the moonshiners, said Bailey; it takes less time for mash to ferment, so the makers can turn out more whiskey faster.

Bailey and two other officers, Deputy Sgt. E.B. Russell and Deputy Arthur Lane, found and destroyed another still about two weeks ago, four miles from the one discovered by newsmen.

“Three men were running it,” he said, “and when we got about a fourth of a mile away they ran. We couldn’t catch them.”

The still was fired up at the time, and Bailey ran off about a half-gallon of whiskey just for kicks. He said the liquor probably contained poisonous lead salts since the still was made from an old 100-gallon galvanized iron barrel.

The officers found one gallon of whiskey at the still; the moonshiners hadn’t had time to make more.