Ledbetter Family

Ledbetter Family
Willy Ledbetter

The Ledbetter family lived in Front Hollow in the 1800s and 1900s.

And just so you know, they named several of their boys “William”. So their family tree can be confusing!

  • William Starks Ledbetter (1855-1915)
  • William E. “Preacher Will” Ledbetter (1876-1948)
  • William Sherfey Ledbetter (1895-?)
  • William Roy “Willy” Ledbetter (1897-1967)

Starks Ledbetter sold his home on the west end of Front Hollow to Hiram Quillen in 1903, which would later become the Quillen homeplace.

“Preacher Will” Ledbetter married Lilly Mae Fincher and lived at the east end of Front Hollow, giving it the name Ledbetter Gap.

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