Fincher Family

John D. Fincher was very tall, even as a young boy. In 1862, Confederate recruiters came through the area looking for fresh soldiers. They took John to Chattanooga to sign him up. But when he got there a Colonel pulled him aside and asked his age. After John told him he was 14 years old, the Colonel asked if John could find his way back home because Chattanooga was going to be in a battle soon.

Apparently that 14 year old John Fincher made it all the way back home to Bays Mountain, where he eventually started a pivotal family in the area.

John’s first wife was Miriam Arnold. He later married Maggie Perry.

John and Miriam had several children including Samuel, Noah, Lilly Mae, and Josephine.

Noah married Mary Harbour (sister of Odell Harbour Depew). They lived in Front Hollow, one house west of the Ledbetter home.

Samuel B. Fincher married Martha Gilbert and they also lived in Front Hollow, just 2 houses west of Noah. The story goes that Martha lived her entire life (69 years) without ever coming down from Bays Mountain. They had 3 daughters (Pearlie, Hattie, Grace) and a son Herman.

Lilly Mae Fincher married William E. Ledbetter. They lived near the east end of Front Hollow, which is now called Ledbetter Gap.

Josephine Fincher married Hugh Hamblen/Hamblin. Josephine was a preacher, while Hugh was a blacksmith.